Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Ah sequins... such a great invention! I love them since I was a little girl. When I see something sequined I kind of feel like a child in front of a cake... I want it.
I think sequins are something you love or hate, in fact some of my friends don't understand my passion for them (and for glitter) while I don't understand their dislike.
Few months ago I went shopping with my mother and sister and I saw a sequined maxi sweater, it was my mum's size and I showed it her. "Mum, look at this!". She looked and didn't even answered me!
I know that some people consider sequins a bit OTT, difficult to pull off, tacky or only right for New Year's Eve or Carnival. But why relegating them to just one or two days of the year?

Did you know that sequins existed 2,500 years BC? They were used to embellish clothes and other objects.
The word sequin derives from Italian "zecchino", the name of the coin used in Italy from the XIII century, first in Venice, then in other Italian towns and also in cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
In later centuries, these coins were used to embellish women's clothes and accessories.
So, the word sequin derives from Italian, but Italians call it "paillette", using a French word. Curious, isn't it?

When I watched Gossip Girl I loved the wardrobe of Serena van der Woodsen and Georgina Sparks also because of all the sequined and embellished clothes they wore. Well, wasn't Gossip Girl so loved also for the fabulous wardrobe department?

Well, surely I'm not the only one who loves to sparkle since there's really a vast choice of sequined clothes and accessories, even for the house.
I chose some, for who really loves sequins like me and for who maybe wants to add just a bit of sparkle to her life. And if some of you just ended up on this post, but are already thinking "oh no, that's not for me"... come on, give sequins a chance!

Le paillettes... che bella invenzione! Le amo fin da quando ero bambina. Ogni volta che vedo qualcosa di paillettato mi sento come una bambina di fronte a una torta, cioè lo voglio.
Penso che le paillettes si amino o si odino, infatti alcune mie amiche non capiscono la mia passione per loro (e per i glitter) mentre io non capisco perché a loro non piacciano.
Qualche mese fa sono andata a fare spese con mia madre e mia sorella e ho visto una maxi maglia di paillettes. C'era solo della taglia di mia madre e gliel'ho mostrata "Mamma, guarda questa!". L'ha guardata e non mi ha neanche risposto!
Qualcuno considera le paillettes "troppo", difficili da portare, volgari o solo adatte per l'ultimo dell'anno o Carnevale. Ma non è un peccato relegarle solo a uno o due giorni dell'anno?

Sapete che le paillettes esistevano già nel 2500 a.C.? Erano usate per decorare abiti e altri oggetti.
Noi in Italia usiamo la parola paillettes ma l'inglese sequin deriva proprio dalla parola italiana zecchino, la moneta usata nel nostro paese a partire dal XIII secolo, prima a Venezia poi in altre città italiane e infine in quelle che si affacciavano sul mar Mediterraneo.
Nei secoli successivi le monete furono usate per decorare abiti e accessori femminili.

Quando guardavo Gossip Girl adoravo il guardaroba di Serena van der Woodsen  e Georgina Sparks anche per tutti gli abiti paillettati e decorati che indossavano. Ma insomma, chi non guardava quel telefilm anche (o soprattutto) per quegli abiti e accessori favolosi?

Comunque di sicuro non sono l'unica ad amare tutto ciò che scintilla perché c'è una vasta scelta di abiti e accessori paillettati, anche per la casa.
Ne ho scelti alcuni, per chi come me ama profondamente le paillettes e per chi, magari, vuole solo aggiungere un tocco scintillante alla propria vita. E se qualcuno di voi è capitato per caso su questa pagina e sta già pensando "no, questo post non fa per me"... andiamo, date alle paillettes una possibilità!


Monday, November 24, 2014

THE OUTFIT - Olivia Palermo in a Knit Cape Waxed Jeans and Charlotte Olympia Lace Ups

For this The Outfit post I chose another great look by Olivia Palermo.
Considering the length and the color of her hair this photo is not recent but her outfit is perfect.
Olivia was wearing a knit belted cape, worn on a black sweater, skinny waxed jeans and Charlotte Olympia "Alice" lace ups.
Maybe it's because I like capes and I'm looking for a pair of leopard print shoes, maybe it's because I love waxed jeans that look like leather, but I find this look really beautiful.
The cape, with its different textures, is really beautiful, I'd really like to have one like this.

Per The Outfit di questa settimana ho scelto un altro outfit di Olivia Palermo.
Considerando la lunghezza dei suoi capelli, questa foto non è recente ma il suo outfit è perfetto.
Olivia indossava una cappa di maglia, portata sopra a un maglioncino nero, skinny jeans spalmati e le stringate "Alice" di Charlotte Olympia.
Sarà che mi piacciono le cappe e che sto cercando un paio di scarpe maculate, sarà che adoro i jeans spalmati che sembrano di pelle, ma trovo questo outfit proprio bello.
La cappa, con le sue diverse lavorazioni, è davvero bella, mi piacerebbe molto averne una così.

olivia palermo knit cape waxed skinny jeans charlotte olympia alice lace ups

olivia palermo knit cape


Sunday, November 23, 2014

FASHION CRUSH - Salvatore Ferragamo Flowers Ring

This week Fashion Crush is Salvatore Ferragamo Flowers Ring.
I find it so beautiful, it's been really love at first sight. It's made of 18kt pink gold, tourmaline and diamond. The anemone is a flower dear to the house of Salvatore Ferragamo (have you ever seen a vintage foulard that features this beautiful flower?).
Studs earrings and a necklace are available, too. If you don't like the pink color of the tourmaline, these jewels are available in peridot (so green) and in yellow opal.
I know this jewel isn't affordable, but Christmas is near... maybe some lucky ones can ask it as a gift, or maybe you can gifted yourself with it, I've always thought that buying jewels by oneself is great.
You can check all Salvatore Ferragamo online stores on the official website.

La Fashion Crush della settimana è l'anello Flowers di Salvatore Ferragamo.
Lo trovo davvero bellissimo, appena l'ho visto me ne sono innamorata. È in oro rosa 18 kt, tormalina e diamante e rappresenta l'anemone, un fiore caro alla casa Salvatore Ferragamo (avete mai visto alcuni foulard vintage che lo raffigurano?).
Sono disponibili anche gli orecchini e la collana. Se non vi piace il colore rosato della tormalina, questi gioielli sono disponibili anche in peridoto (quindi verdi) e in opale giallo.
So che non sono proprio gioielli accessibili, ma il Natale è vicino, magari qualche fortunata può chiederlo in regalo o regalarselo da sé, ho sempre pensato che comprarsi i gioielli da sola sia molto bello.



Saturday, November 22, 2014


Disney's Cinderella Official Trailer. It will hit the theaters in March 2015 and I'm already looking forward to see it. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Lily James plays the title role, Cate Blanchett is the stepmother and Richard Madden is a perfect Prince Charming. Considering the trailer, the costumes, designed by Sandy Powell, seem to be amazing. {on}

And here's what costume designer Sandy Powell said about creating the costumes for the movie. {on}

Men tend to be kinder with women who wear high heels. I wonder why this doesn't surprise me. {on}

You really should see the amazing work created by Katie Rodgers with Pandora jewels. {on}

How to use leftover wine. {on}

I like this idea to decor a wall, perfect if you like your name's initial letter. {on}

The poster of Cinderella

Lily James and Richard Madden during the ball scene.

Cate Blanchett as the evil (but really stylish) stepmother between Sophie McShera (on the left), who plays Drisella and Holliday Grainger, who plays Anastasia.

Dita Von Teese and two gentlemen (one of them is actor Aaron Paul) very willing to pick up her umbrella. This photo doesn't show her heels but I assure you... they were high.


Friday, November 21, 2014

BEAUTY FOR THE WEEKEND - L'Occitane en Provence Angelica Cleanser and Toner

This week for Beauty for the Weekend I decided to review two products by L'Occitane en Provence.
Time ago I bought the travel sizes of the Angelica Gel Cleanser and the Angelica Face Toner.
Angelica collection aroused the curiosity of the beauty addict in me.

The cleanser and the toner both contain organic water and essential oil of angelica, an aromatic plant.
The cleanser is really delicate and it removes both impurities and make-up.
I usually remove make-up with cleansing waters (I wrote about my favorite ones in this post) but sometimes I'm a bit lazy so I don't do it perfectly. While not every cleanser removes make-up well, I definitely can't complain about Angelica Gel Cleanser.
Its only flaw, if I can use this word, is... its taste. Do you know when you wash your face and, most of all while you're taking a shower, some suds ends up in your mouth? I hope this doesn't happen only to me! Anyway, when this occurs with this cleanser I find it quite bothering . Obviously this has nothing to do with the quality of the product and maybe the problem is that I'm a bit clumsy!

The toner is perfect. I really like it, it's very delicate and refreshing (and alcohol-free).
During this time of the year, when it's getting cold and it's almost winter, my skin tends to get dry but this toner leaves it soft and moisturized.
I will buy it again for sure, it's probably the best toner I've ever used, together with Santa Maria Novella Rose Water.
Angelica Gel Cleanser and Angelica Face Toner are both suitable for all skin types.
And that's all for this weekly beauty post, but tell me, what's your favorite toner?
Have a great weekend!

The ingredients of the cleanser

The ingredients of the toner

Questa settimana per Beauty for the Weekend vi parlo di due prodotti de L'Occitane en Provence.
Tempo fa ho comprato le taglie da viaggio del Gel Detergente Angelica e del Tonico Viso Angelica.
La linea Angelica m'incuriosiva e ho deciso di comprare questi due prodotti.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

FASHION CRUSH - Furla Dolly Satchel Bag

This week Fashion Crush is Furla Dolly Satchel, from the Cruise S/S 2015 collection.
I think is a very cute bag, perfect all day long, not too small, nor too big (I hate bags that look like suitcases) and pretty roomy.
Of course what I particularly like of this satchel is that it's golden!
What do you think, isn't it cute?

La Fashion Crush della settimana è il bauletto Dolly di Furla, che fa parte della collezione Cruise P/E 2015.
Penso che sia una borsa davvero carina, perfetta dalla mattina alla sera, né troppo piccola né troppo  grande (non mi piacciono proprio le borse che sembrano valigie) e piuttosto spaziosa. 
Ovviamente la cosa che mi piace di più di questo bauletto è il colore dorato!
Voi che dite, non è carina?

furla golden dolly satchel bag

furla golden dolly satchel bag

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Have you ever thought that one day you would have bought a fragrance with the aspect of a Teddy bear ? Well, Jeremy Scott decided it was time to give us a real Toy. After Sponge Bob, McDonald's, Barbie and Teddy bear I wonder what's coming next. Am I the only one who would have preferred a Barbie fragrance? {on}

What world's health experts eat for breakfast. {on}

The Godfather mansion is on sale (again). Amazing garden parties could be thrown there. {on}

When I was a child, I was taking a stroll with my mother and an aunt and we stopped in front of a shop window where a Kelly by Hermès was displayed. A woman got close to us and said "I think the price of the bag is wrong, there must be one zero too much". I told her "No, the price is right, it's a Kelly bag". Well, that woman thought the same thing of Francis Ford Coppola when daughter Sofia, at the age of twenty some, asked him a present from Paris. {on}

Do attractive people dress well or... people who dress well are more attractive? This article is really interesting. {on}

Would you wear septum cuffs? These are beautiful but I have the idea that they tickle. {on}

Moschino Toy

the godfather mansion
The mansion where The Godfather has been filmed. Since I like Tudor architecture I find it beautiful.

Photos: Moschino, Pinterest