"Il dubbio può essere allontanato solo dall'azione"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Few words and a great truth. I really should remember this every day.

Poche parole e una grande verità. Dovrei ricordarlo tutti i giorni.

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The Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award. I admit that I really knew a little about it and how it works, but I think it's a nice way to connect with other bloggers worldwide.
I received the nomination by Wafaa of Fashion Footprint, a girl who lives in Dubai, travels a lot and sports lovely outfits.

The rules of the award are:
• You must answer all the questions that are given to you.
• Must link back to the person that nominated you.
• Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
• Provide the nominees with 11 questions of your choice.
• Must inform nominees of your nomination.
• Provide nominees with a link to your post for more info.

Here are the questions I was given and my answers:
1. Tell us a story behind the scenes of your photo-shoot.
I don't have a particular story to tell. I usually take photos of the beauty products I review and sometimes, due to cloudy and rainy days the light is terrible so I give up taking a good picture. Then sometimes a ray of light comes out and I stop doing whatever I'm doing and try to take some good photos. Sometimes I succeed while sometimes, by the time I finish to arrange everything, the light disappears. It's a tough life!

2. What is your favorite last purchased item? 
It's a ring by Maria Francesca Pepe, with a stylized enamel eye and a Swarovski crystal. I have a thing for jewelry with eyes, so I liked this ring at once and now I'm really attached to it. I recently bought the version with the enamel lips.

3. What makes you read a blog post and stick to around this blog?
I think it's a combination of things: cute photos, readable fonts (some blogger use tiny characters!), and genuine contents. I really don't like when it's clear that a blogger writes about something because she's been payed, without putting anything personal, but just doing "copy and paste"with a press release.

4. Which trend would you like to come back?
We saw the comeback of many trends we considered dead and gone! What I would like to come back is not a specific one, because I'd really like to see more well dressed people. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong period because I miss the time when women and men used to go out well put together. I mean, I see men going to a wedding wearing a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers; women go to the restaurant carrying a beach bag; exposed bras at work; flip flops everywhere. I swear I once saw a woman wearing a sarong at the theater. Wouldn't it be better to put an effort and dress more appropriately?

5. What is your favorite movie?
I love so many movies, it's hard to choose one, but I would say "Match Point". I watched it many times and I love the soundtrack, with some arias from operas that I really like. And basically all the movies with Leonardo DiCaprio. When I was a child my favorite movie was "Gone With The Wind", I loved Scarlett O'Hara and her gorgeous clothes. I think my love for fashion started also due to those gorgeous costumes.


FASHION CRUSH - Asos "Party On" Embellished Pumps

This week Fashion Crush is a super cute pair of shoes, "Party On" embellished pumps by Asos. I love shoes and I love glitter, sequins, crystals and rhynestones. Of course these shoes couldn't go unnoticed.
I think that they would be perfect with skinny pants or a feminine skirt.
What do you think? Do you like them or do you find them a bit too much?

La Fashion Crush della settimana sono le décolleté "Party On" di Asos . Amo le scarpe e amo i glitter, le paillettes, i cristalli e gli strass. Ovviamente queste scarpe non potevano passare inosservate.
Penso che sarebbero perfette con dei pantaloni skinny o una gonna femminile.
Voi che dite? Vi piacciono o le trovate un po' esagerate?



The first trailer of "Fifty Shades of Grey" is here. Of course it caused a bit of controversy because of some scenes. {on vogue.it}

Another trailer has been released, the one of "Saint Laurent" biopic, directed by Bertrand Bonello. The movie wasn't approved by Pierre Bergé, Mr Saint Laurent's longtime lover and partner in business. The cast is very interesting: Gaspard Ulliel (the face of "Bleu de Chanel" fragrance) plays the role of Yves Saint Laurent, Léa Seydoux is the designer's muse Loulou de la Falaise, Jérémie Renier is Pierre Bergé and Louis Garrell is Jacques de Bascher. I'm looking forward to see it. {on youtube.com}

73 questions with Blake Lively, who seems to be a really funny person. I love the dress she's wearing. {on video.vogue.com}

Taking about Blake Lively, I think most of us know that she just launched her online business, called Preserve. I took a look at the site and I found these Mr and Mrs spoons so cute. But you can also find the "Mr and Mr" and "Mrs and Mrs" version, how politically correct! {on preserve.us}

How beautiful is Christian Louboutin nail polish bottle? The cap reminds of the highest heel by Louboutin, Ballerina Ultima. Unfortunately the nail polishes cost $50. {on sephora.com}

About 9 minutes of all the brands mentioned in Sex & The City, probably at the end your head will be spinning! {on youtube.com}

Gaspard Ulliel

Christian Louboutin's nail polish

Louboutin "Ballerina Ultima"

Photos: Tumblr, Sephora.com, thecitizenoffashion.com


BEAUTY FOR THE WEEKEND - Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask

This week Beauty for the Weekend is about a product that I really like.
I'm talking about Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask. I think I never tried a Sisley product that I didn't love and masks are my favorite ones.
I know that Sisley is not the most affordable beauty brand; more than once, while buying a product, I thought "am I sure I want to spend so much?".
So, if you're thinking that $124 for a mask is crazy, I can understand you!
But I'm sure that if you'll buy it, you won't regret it. And here's why.
Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask is a great product. Every time I use it I see the difference.
Its main active principles are red vine, carrot, essential oil of chamomile and rosemary, white and red clay and rose hip (it's the berry, because it's not a real fruit, of the rose plant). They tone, hydrate, revitalize, soothes and cleanse the skin and, of course, make it glow, and very soft.
You should use it twice or three times a week. Since I use other cleansing and moisturizing masks, and since this one is the most expensive I have, I try to make it last longer and use it particularly when I want to give to my skin and "extra treatment" so before a party, a particular event, in other words when I want to look my best.
You have to apply a thick layer to clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area, and rinse with warm water after 5 minutes, or even less, if you hurry.
What do you think? Are you a fan of Sisley products or you usually don't spend so much for your beauty routine?

Questa settimana Beauty for the Weekend è su un prodotto che mi piace davvero tantissimo, la maschera Eclat Express di Sisley. Penso di non aver mai provato un prodotto di Sisley che non mi sia piaciuto e le maschere sono quelli che preferisco.
So che Sisley è un marca costosa; più di una volta, acquistando un prodotto, ho pensato "ma davvero voglio spendere così tanto?".
Quindi se pensate che  77,95€ siano troppi per una maschera, vi capisco perfettamente!
Ma sono anche sicura che se decideste di comprarla poi non ve ne pentireste. Ed ecco perché.
Questa maschera è davvero un ottimo prodotto. Quando lo uso noto la differenza.
I suoi principi attivi sono vite rossa, carota, olio essenziale di camomilla e rosmarino, argilla bianca e rossa e cinòrrodo (che è la bacca della rosa). Tonificano, idratano, rivitalizzano, leniscono, puliscono la pelle e ovviamente la rendono luminosa e morbida.
Dovreste usarla  2-3 volte a settimana. Dato che io uso anche altre maschere di pulizia e idratanti, e che questa è la più costosa che ho, cerco di farla durare di più e la uso in particolare quando voglio dare alle pelle un "trattamento extra" quindi prima di una festa, un evento particolare, insomma... quando voglio essere al meglio.
Dovete applicare uno strato abbastanza spesso sulla pelle pulita e asciutta e lasciare la maschera in posa per 5 minuti, anche meno se avete fretta.
Voi che pensate? Piacciono anche a voi i prodotti di Sisley o di solito non spendete molto per i prodotti di bellezza?


About Showing the Bra - Part 1

Showing the bra. Do or don't? Yay or nay? Sexy or tacky?
Few days ago I saw a photo of Miranda Kerr, wearing a loose white tank top with a black bra beneath. I think she looked great (of course she did, she's Miranda Kerr!), also due to her skinny jeans by Citizens of Humanity and Saint Laurent booties.
Kerr also exposed her bra with other different outfits. I honestly didn't find anything "strange" about it but some magazines and sites started talking about a "trend".

Miranda Kerr, in the first photo the girl nearby her sports a similar style, loose tank top and a bra.

When it comes to exposing the bra, I can't help but thinking about the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, who often showed hers under fancy designer clothes.
But we all know (or maybe most of us do) that tv series usually don't show the real life. We all know that Carrie couldn't afford all those Manolos, high-priced clothes, dinners in expensive Manhattan restaurants etc, at least not before becoming a successful writer.
So, should exposed bra remain where it belongs? TV series and editorials, that it to say unreal life?
Anyway, it seems that Sarah Jessica Parker likes it, she often wears sheer and lace dresses with contrasting bras.

A scene of "Sex & The City"

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton

Are there any rules to wear it with style? I've always thought that it is never "what" but "who" wears something. 
Gwen Stefani has always showed her bra, it's one of her trademarks, like her red lipstick and super blonde hair. Personally, I don't find her neither tacky nor particularly classy, I mean... she's Gwen Stefani. She's cool. Period.

Gwen Stefani

Dolce&Gabbana based its fame as super feminine brand on sexy dresses and exposed bras that probably no one ever considered vulgar, but the epitome of femininity.

An image from the fashion show of Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2002 

Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2011

Recently, two women very known for their sense of style (and that don't need to show this and that to the whole world to catch attention), Diane Kruger and Taylor Swift, caused just a bit of sensation.


THE OUTFIT - Keri Russell with a White T-Shirt and a Saint Laurent Skirt

I had no doubt when I had to choose The Outfit for this post.
Actress Keri Russell looks really beautiful with a simple white t-shirt, an animal print metallic jacquard skirt by Saint Laurent (from Spring 2014 collection) and Gianvito Rossi Virtua mules in leather and plexiglass (which seem to be sold out everywhere).
Russell was photographed after taping "Lorraine" tv show in London, probably to promote her new movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".
I think this outfit is really inspiring. A simple white tee (which I consider a must-have) can be the perfect match for a more expensive and elaborated piece of clothing like that skirt.
What do you think?
Few weeks ago, for another The Outfit post, I featured Elle McPherson, who was a guest of Lorraine, too.

Non ho avuto nessun dubbio quando è stato il momento di scegliere l'outfit per questo post.
L'attrice Keri Russell è davvero molto stylish con una semplice maglietta bianca, una gonna animalier in jacquard metallico di Saint Laurent (della collezione Primavera 2014) e le mules Virtua in pelle e plexiglass di Gianvito Rossi (che sembrano essere sold out ovunque).
L'attrice è stata fotografata dopo aver partecipato a una puntata del programma tv "Lorraine" a Londra, probabilmente per promuovere il suo nuovo film "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", che in Italia uscirà il 30 luglio con il titolo "Apes Revolution - Il Pianeta delle Scimmie".
Questo outfit mi piace davvero molto. Una semplice t-shirt bianca (che io considero un vero must-have) può essere perfetta con un capo costoso ed elaborato come quella gonna.
Voi che ne pensate?
Qualche settimana fa ho dedicato un The Outfit post a Elle McPherson, anche lei ospite di Lorraine.

Photo: thefashionspot.com


FASHION CRUSH - Bella Freud Close To My Heart Sweater

Is it too early to think about next winter? Probably most of you think it is (unless you live in a place where it's already cold).
Anyway, this week Fashion Crush is the lovely Bella Freud "Close To My Heart" sweater.
It's made of 100% wool with a cute embroidery on the front. I love the black heart near the left cuff.
It went straight to my wish list!

È troppo presto per pensare al prossimo inverno? Probabilmente molte di voi penseranno di sì (a meno che non viviate in un posto dove è già inverno).
Comunque, la Fashion Crush della settimana è il maglione "Close To My Heart" di Bella Freud.
È in 100% lana con un ricamo sul davanti. Il cuore nero vicino al polsino sinistro mi piace tanto.
Questo maglione è andato subito nella mia wish list!