Sunday, November 29, 2015

FASHION CRUSH - Karl Lagerfeld Postcard Perspex Clutch

This Karl Lagerfeld postcard clutch is too cute. Made in perspex, with a detachable shoulder strap and an inner pocket, this clutch is a lovely accessory for those who, unlike me, can go out carrying only few objects.
Most of the pieces from Karl Lagerfeld collection are about his beautiful cat, Choupette, while this clutch is all about him, who send you his love!

Karl Lagerfeld Postcard Perspex Clutch With Love From Karl

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The meaning of the name of some beauty brands. The meaning of O.P.I. and Ren really surprised me. {on}

A bit of Kristen Stewart as Gabrielle Chanel. {on}

Tips to pick some of our favorite fruits. This article is useful also because it tells you which fruits you should keep separate from the others, based on the production of ethylene. {on}

As a huge lover of stripes and embellishments, I love this sweater. {on}

Real locations that inspired Disney's films.  {on}

A lovely embellished collar. {on}

Would you date a man with bad taste in shoes? Because it's universally known that shoes are the litmus test of a person's taste. {on}

The 100 most popular brands among the Millennials. {on}

Kristen Stewart as Gabrielle Chanel in Once And Forever
Kristen Stewart as Gabrille Chanel - photo:
Castle of Segovia Snow White Castle
The castle of Segovia, the inspiration for the castle of Snow White - photo: Bored Panda

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Sirma Markova Street Style
Blogger Sirma Markovaphoto: Just The Design

Marina Larroude Street Style
Marina Larroude, fashion director at Teen Vogue  - photo: Style Du Monde
Marta Hazas Style
Spanish actress Marta Hazas - photo: Hola 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

FASHION CRUSH - & Other Stories Stars Knitted Dress

This & Other Stories knit dress is lovely. Stars, planets and zodiac patterns and prints are very popular this season and I love them.

I like everything about this dress. The tone of blue is beautiful, I like stars and merino wool is my favorite wool, because it's soft and warm but not fluffy.

For those who like to wear festive outfits during Christmas holidays, this dress can be a nice choice, like these glittery pants.

And Other Stories Stars Merino Wool Dress

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Alessandro Michele will receive the award of International Fashion Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. I can't imagine someone who deserves this award more than him. {on}

I guess many of you saw Davide Martello playing "Imagine" at the piano outside of Bataclan in Paris, did you know that he drove for 400 miles (about 643 Km) to go from Konstanz to Paris? {on}

I love this apartment in Manhattan, it looks so peaceful. {on}

This signet ring... so cute! {on}

Asos is going to launch a bridal line, expected in March 2016. {on}

This colorful bag charm is too cute, I like all the dinosaurs. {on}

An easy and inspiring diy. If you are not a big fan of army jackets (like me) you can take inspiration to embellish something else. {on}

Diego Alejandro Interior Designer Manhattan Apartment
I love the color of the walls of this apartment
Asos Bridal Embellished Top
This embellished top is part of the bridal collection of Asos, but it's perfect also for an evening out!

PHOTOS: Rue MagazineBritish Vogue

Thursday, November 19, 2015

FALL/WINTER 2015/16 SHOES PART 3: Velvet Shoes

Velvet shoes are very popular this fall/winter and I'm glad about it. Velvet is such a beautiful fabric, so soft and elegant.

Velvet shoes are beautiful but not for every type of weather. I would keep velvet shoes far from rain (and of course snow) and I wouldn't wear them with very cold temperatures.

While they can add a nice and cool touch to a day outfit, velvet shoes are perfect for the evening.

These are 15 velvet shoes I chose for you.

Topshop Betsy Velvet Boots
Topshop "Betsy" available also in red and blue

Zara Velvet Ankle Boots

Rochas Velvet Mary-Jane

Alberta Ferretti Velvet Embellished Buckle Shoes

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I love this simple outfit, most of all for the accessories. I love the leopard print gloves and I'd like to have a pair of booties like these. - photo: Tumblr
Kendall Jenner's street style is often perfect. I like this from head to toe. - photo: Denim Blog
This is a great way to wear a pleated miniskirt. I don't particularly like the color of the bag but I love everything else, boots very included. - photo: Who What Wear

Monday, November 16, 2015


After thinking about it for a while and after asking for advice to some fellow bloggers, I decided to write this blog only in English. Hopefully, right now this is the right decision.

English is my favorite language and for some reason I prefer  writing in English to writing in Italian, I feel more comfortable.

Years ago I was considering the idea of moving to England and then, for some reasons (fear of a huge change included) I didn't make up my mind but, as C. S. Lewis said "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream".

I hope my Italian readers who speak English won't be bothered by this change and I hope that the readers who don't speak English will use the translator available on the blog even if I perfectly know that it often translates in an odd way! 

I already wrote some posts only in English, and I don't deny that behind my decision there's a very practical reason. Writing long posts, rich in photos, in both languages is not easy, the result never convinced me so sometimes I wrote two distinct posts, but I can't do it every time. Also, some Italian readers told me that they prefer the English version of the posts, anyway.

Since I hope to give a restyling to We Believe in Style soon (choosing the right layout, font, social media icons and everything else is difficult!) I decided to start to make some changes and this is one of them.

Thanks for reading.