Friday, February 12, 2016


Pharrell Williams is now co-owner of G-Star RAW. {on}

With the Oscars night approaching, many people wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win the golden statuette. DiCaprio played many roles, and of course Jack Dawson is one of the most loved and memorable ones, but which Leonardo DiCaprio character is your soulmate? I took the quiz and I got Amsterdam Vallon, one of my favorite characters played by him. I love that film and years ago I had the chance to take a stroll around its set, built in Cinecittà. I was so excited to walk the same streets of DiCaprio and Scorsese! {on}

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio as Amsterdam Vallon
Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorses on the set of "Gangs of New York" - Photo via IMDb

Interiors with a touch of Pantone Serenity. {on}

Do you think this tool would make your beauty routine easier? {on}

10 films of the last 5 years that will probably become classics. I didn't watch all of them but I liked "The Social Network" and I loved "Drive". {on}

Ryan Gosling in "Drive"
Ryan Gosling in "Drive" (2011) - Photo via IMDb

Coloring books seem to be a great way to relax. My sister bought me one time ago but this seems to be so beautiful, because it's about cities, not flowers or abstract themes. {on}

Photographer Andy Lee went to remote locations and took beautiful photos. {on}

I love monogram jewelry so I'd really like to have this initial pendant. {on}

Why mini handbags are so successful. For the record, I dislike them. A lot. {on}

Thursday, February 11, 2016

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING BEAUTIFUL - L'Occitane en Provence Aromachologie Face Mask

I'm back with the posts about beauty! I missed writing about skincare and make-up products but since I wont' be able to write weekly posts I decided to change the title.

I wanted to start again with a skincare product that I love and I would recommend to everybody who need
a good, pretty affordable, multitasking face mask.

I bought L'Occitane en Provence Aromachologie Rebalancing Face Mask more or less 2 months ago so I've used it enough to write a honest review.

L'Occitane en Provence Aromachologie Rebalancing Face Mask

Let's start saying that this face mask has become one of my favorite masks, ever. Every time L'Occitane comes up with a new line of skincare, some products draw my attention.

Aromachologie Rebalancing Face Mask is meant to purify skin and tighten pores, but for me it does so much more

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Street Style How To Wear A Chunky Scarf
Photo via Carolines Mode

Alexa Chung Street Style Shearling Jacket
Alexa Chung dressed for the cold weather, like everybody should dress when it's cold! - Photo via Fashionland (Tumblr)

Lily-Rose Depp Style Sundance Festival
Lily-Rose Depp. I like the touch of red given by the scarf - Photo via Who What Wear

Sunday, February 07, 2016

FASHION CRUSH - Étoile Isabel Marant Breeda jacket

I like casual jackets, those that look a bit relaxed and that you can fasten with a sash so for this week Fashion Crush I chose Étoile Isabel Marant Breeda jacket

Made of wool (62%), cotton (23%) and polyamide (15%), this jacket can be a cool alternative to the classic blazer but I'm sure it will be a perfect Winter-to-Spring transition jacket, one you can wear on a shirt or a light sweater.

I would wear it with skinny dark jeans or black pants.

Etoile Isabel Marant Breeda Striped Jacket

Friday, February 05, 2016


Gucci will present its resort 2017 collection at Westminster Abbey on June, 2. It will be the first time a fashion show will be staged in a historical location. {on}

This Instagram account is full of inspiring photos of interior design. {on}

Gravity Blog Home Decor Work Space Corner
I love this work space, I want a recess for my beloved magazines! - Photo via Instagram

How the word serendipity was coined. It's such a beautiful word, isn't it? And it always reminds me of that lovely film with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack! {on}

This necklace is so cute, I love jewelry with (more or less) hidden messages. {on}

Who doesn't have at least one friend who is often (or always) late? Once, I used to be that type of friend, but luckily I managed to change and now I'm never late. This article about people who are habitually late is pretty interesting. I once read a quote (but I don't remember whose) that more or less says that when you're late, people waiting for you start thinking about your flaws. Anyway, if arriving late is rude, I also don't like when people arrive early! {on}

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber's New York apartment is so beautiful! {on}

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Manhattan Loft Dining Room
The dining room of Watts and Schreiber's loft - Photo via Architectural Digest

Have you ever talk with someone thinking that he / she is not listening to you at all? I did. And it's veeery bothering.  Even if I think that when you don't listen to somebody it's because you don't want to since you're too self-centered, these are some reason why becoming a better listener is a good idea. {on}

I'm thinking about buying this shirt, because it looks like a pajama top and I want to give the pajama trend a try. {on}

20 denim pieces that are not jeans for the upcoming spring. {on}

MSGM Pleated Denim Skirt Spring 2016
MSGM pleated denim skirt - Photo via Net-à-Porter

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

20 Denim Pieces That Are Not Jeans

Denim is one of my favorite fabrics and I often post denim garments. Once considered very casual, even too casual, denim clothes are very popular, now.

I know some people think that wearing jeans and denim garments at work is not appropriate. I remember a conversation with some friends about what we considered "still acceptable" and what we would have never worn to go to work. Jeans and sneakers were the most discussed garment/accessory. Of course it depends on the type of job, if you deal with the public and the customers and other facts.

While some people are completely fine about wearing sneakers at work, some others would never wear them, or are not even allowed to do it. Some offices have their dress code, others rely on employees' good sense which, sometimes, is questionable.

I remember an article on The Zoe Report about how to wear denim at work and still look professional.
Maybe because I'm European, I have a different approach to this matter. I follow many US blogs and magazines and I see photos of celebs and bloggers going to business meetings with distressed shorts and flip flops, which is something I would never do (I would wear them only to go to the beach, maybe).
So, I don't think denim makes you look unprofessional, but some denim pieces don't belong to office and working life, like other garments and accessories.

I must say that I've done jobs where, in a certain way, the least I payed attention to the way I dressed (and did my make-up and hair), the better it was. I know, it sounds strange but I swear that I've been criticised because I was too neat. As if going to work sloppy was a virtue!

But let's go back to denim. I found 20 beautiful pieces that, as the title says, are not jeans. I don't know if you would wear them at work, but for sure you could wear them on many occasions!

A second post, dedicated to denim accessories, is on its way.

Now tell me, which one would you immediately add to your closet?

Denim Spring 2016 MSGM Pleated Skirt

Denim Spring 2016 Zara Mini Dress

Denim Spring 2016 Eckhaus Latta Skirt

Denim Spring 2016 Topshop Kimono Jacket

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Olivia Palermo Style Fur Coat Max & Co Sneakers
Olivia Palermo wearing a Tibi faux fur coat,  Black Orchid jeans and Max & Co sneakers Photo via Fashion Clue

Street Style Stripes And Bandana
Desi from Teetharejade - Photo via Teetharejade

Poppy Delevingne Style Fur Jacket Leather Leggings Coccinelle B14 Bag
Poppy Delevingne carrying Coccinelle B14 bag - Photo via Daily Mail

Sunday, January 31, 2016

FASHION CRUSH - Aquazzura Pompom Sandals

These lovely Aquazzura sandals are the Fashion Crush of the week. 
Even if I like winter, which so far hasn't been cold at all (except for a few days, at least where I live), I'm glad to take a look at spring shoes and accessories.

I think these sandals are cute and playful and since I prefer catchy accessories to showy clothes, I find them the perfect accessory for a simple outfit. 

I saw a couple of diy projects (sorry, I can't find the links) to turn a pair of plain sandals into pompom embellished ones like these by Aquazzura, which are made of woven raffia.
I'm sure that if you have and old but still cute pair of sandals, with a glue gun and some pompoms you can make your own pair without breaking the bank!

Spring 2016 Shoes Aquazzura Pompom Sandals