Saturday, November 22, 2014


Disney's Cinderella Official Trailer. It will hit the theaters in March 2015 and I'm already looking forward to see it. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Lily James plays the title role, Cate Blanchett is the stepmother and Richard Madden is a perfect Prince Charming. Considering the trailer, the costumes, designed by Sandy Powell, seem to be amazing. {on}

And here's what costume designer Sandy Powell said about creating the costumes for the movie. {on}

Men tend to be kinder with women who wear high heels. I wonder why this doesn't surprise me. {on}

You really should see the amazing work created by Katie Rodgers with Pandora jewels. {on}

How to use leftover wine. {on}

I like this idea to decor a wall, perfect if you like your name's initial letter. {on}

The poster of Cinderella

Lily James and Richard Madden during the ball scene.

Cate Blanchett as the evil (but really stylish) stepmother between Sophie McShera (on the left), who plays Drisella and Holliday Grainger, who plays Anastasia.

Dita Von Teese and two gentlemen (one of them is actor Aaron Paul) very willing to pick up her umbrella. This photo doesn't show her heels but I assure you... they were high.


Friday, November 21, 2014

BEAUTY FOR THE WEEKEND - L'Occitane en Provence Angelica Cleanser and Toner

This week for Beauty for the Weekend I decided to review two products by L'Occitane en Provence.
Time ago I bought the travel sizes of the Angelica Gel Cleanser and the Angelica Face Toner.
Angelica collection aroused the curiosity of the beauty addict in me.

The cleanser and the toner both contain organic water and essential oil of angelica, an aromatic plant.
The cleanser is really delicate and it removes both impurities and make-up.
I usually remove make-up with cleansing waters (I wrote about my favorite ones in this post) but sometimes I'm a bit lazy so I don't do it perfectly. While not every cleanser removes make-up well, I definitely can't complain about Angelica Gel Cleanser.
Its only flaw, if I can use this word, is... its taste. Do you know when you wash your face and, most of all while you're taking a shower, some suds ends up in your mouth? I hope this doesn't happen only to me! Anyway, when this occurs with this cleanser I find it quite bothering . Obviously this has nothing to do with the quality of the product and maybe the problem is that I'm a bit clumsy!

The toner is perfect. I really like it, it's very delicate and refreshing (and alcohol-free).
During this time of the year, when it's getting cold and it's almost winter, my skin tends to get dry but this toner leaves it soft and moisturized.
I will buy it again for sure, it's probably the best toner I've ever used, together with Santa Maria Novella Rose Water.
Angelica Gel Cleanser and Angelica Face Toner are both suitable for all skin types.
And that's all for this weekly beauty post, but tell me, what's your favorite toner?
Have a great weekend!

The ingredients of the cleanser

The ingredients of the toner

Questa settimana per Beauty for the Weekend vi parlo di due prodotti de L'Occitane en Provence.
Tempo fa ho comprato le taglie da viaggio del Gel Detergente Angelica e del Tonico Viso Angelica.
La linea Angelica m'incuriosiva e ho deciso di comprare questi due prodotti.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

FASHION CRUSH - Furla Dolly Satchel Bag

This week Fashion Crush is Furla Dolly Satchel, from the Cruise S/S 2015 collection.
I think is a very cute bag, perfect all day long, not too small, nor too big (I hate bags that look like suitcases) and pretty roomy.
Of course what I particularly like of this satchel is that it's golden!
What do you think, isn't it cute?

La Fashion Crush della settimana è il bauletto Dolly di Furla, che fa parte della collezione Cruise P/E 2015.
Penso che sia una borsa davvero carina, perfetta dalla mattina alla sera, né troppo piccola né troppo  grande (non mi piacciono proprio le borse che sembrano valigie) e piuttosto spaziosa. 
Ovviamente la cosa che mi piace di più di questo bauletto è il colore dorato!
Voi che dite, non è carina?

furla golden dolly satchel bag

furla golden dolly satchel bag

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Have you ever thought that one day you would have bought a fragrance with the aspect of a Teddy bear ? Well, Jeremy Scott decided it was time to give us a real Toy. After Sponge Bob, McDonald's, Barbie and Teddy bear I wonder what's coming next. Am I the only one who would have preferred a Barbie fragrance? {on}

What world's health experts eat for breakfast. {on}

The Godfather mansion is on sale (again). Amazing garden parties could be thrown there. {on}

When I was a child, I was taking a stroll with my mother and an aunt and we stopped in front of a shop window where a Kelly by Hermès was displayed. A woman got close to us and said "I think the price of the bag is wrong, there must be one zero too much". I told her "No, the price is right, it's a Kelly bag". Well, that woman thought the same thing of Francis Ford Coppola when daughter Sofia, at the age of twenty some, asked him a present from Paris. {on}

Do attractive people dress well or... people who dress well are more attractive? This article is really interesting. {on}

Would you wear septum cuffs? These are beautiful but I have the idea that they tickle. {on}

Moschino Toy

the godfather mansion
The mansion where The Godfather has been filmed. Since I like Tudor architecture I find it beautiful.

Photos: Moschino, Pinterest

Friday, November 14, 2014

BEAUTY FOR THE WEEKEND - My Favorite Way to Clean Make-Up Brushes

Few weeks ago I published a post about how to store make-up brushes. This week I want to talk about my favorite product to wash them (sponges included).
I think we all know that make-up brushes regularly need maintenance, also because bristles are very appreciated by germs and bacteria.

So, my favorite product to wash my brushes is a coconut and olive based soap.
I bought mine at Eataly's and it's made by an Italian company, Alighiero Campostrini, based near Florence that produces natural soaps and detergents.
This soap is really delicate and effective. It cleans easily but you can easily rinse it.
Like the ancient soaps, you can use it to wash yourself (but I don't), your underwear and your delicate clothing (and it cleans well).
I payed it 2,50€, which is about $3,10 and £2, and it lasts a lot, I can't remember when I opened the one I'm using and I still have one-third.

I know many people use spray products, like Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner or Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser, and even if I don't rule out to start using them, I always prefer to wash something instead of dry-cleaning, whatever it's a brush or a sweater.
Of course I don't think this product is easily available abroad, but you can ask in an Eataly store (the US online store sells some Alighiero Campostrini soaps but not this one), or try to buy a similar soap.
But what about you? What do you use to clean your brushes?


Qualche settimana fa ho dedicato un post a come organizzare i pennelli per il trucco. Questa settimana voglio parlarvi del mio prodotto preferito per pulirli (spugnette incluse).
Penso che sappiamo tutte che i pennelli per il trucco hanno bisogno di manutenzione, perché  germi e batteri apprezzano molto le setole.

Il mio prodotto preferito per lavarli è un sapone a base di olio di cocco e di oliva.
Io l'ho comprato da Eataly, ed è della ditta Alighiero Campostrini, che ha la sede vicino a Firenze e produce saponi e detersivi con ingredienti naturali. Le confezioni dall'aspetto vintage sono davvero belle.
Questo sapone è davvero molto delicato ma efficace. Pulisce facilmente i pennelli e si risciacqua velocemente.
Come i saponi di una volta, può essere usato per l'igiene personale (ma io non lo uso per fare la doccia) e per lavare la biancheria intima e i capi delicati (e lava bene, ve lo assicuro).
Io l'ho pagato 2,50€, dura davvero molto, non ricordo quando ho aperto quello che sto usando adesso e ne ho ancora un terzo.

So che molte persone usano prodotti spray, come il Detergente per Pennelli Senza Risciacquo di Sephora, e anche se non escludo di usarli prima o poi, preferisco sempre lavare qualcosa invece di pulirlo a secco, che si tratti di un pennello o di un maglione.
Voi cosa usate per pulire i vostri pennelli?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ABOUT FUR, FAUX FUR and the Most Beautiful Faux Furs for Next Winter

Few weeks ago I saw this Shrimps "Wilma" faux fur coat on Net-à-Porter and I liked it immediately.
For a moment, considering the price (715€/£595/$995), I thought that it was a real fur but then I read the details which confirmed that it was a faux fur. Yay!
In fact Shrimps is a brand that makes only faux fur clothes and accessories.

When it comes to fur, we all know that there's a big controversy about it.
I've always been against real one, since the moment I learnt that it involves the killing of animals.
When I was a child I thought that furs were made like sweaters (I know, some people are against sweaters, too, and refuse to wear wool), that during summer animals were hot so somebody cut their hair which was so soft that... why don't using it to make a beautiful soft coat? Ah, what a wonderful world!
I remember that my favorite aunt used to wear furs and I especially liked one made of white minks (I feel bad just writing this right now).
When I discover the truth (I can't remember how) I was shocked. The world was so evil! I never touched that white coat again.
Since then, the only real fur I couldn't resist was my cocker spaniel's, even if he didn't particularly like to be over cuddled!

Even if I'm totally against real furs, I would lie if I wrote that I find them ugly. Some of them (and I want to stress some) are really beautiful but they're like the blood diamonds. How can you like and desire a beautiful thing that derives from so much pain?

Every time I buy a faux fur coat or accessory I wonder if it seems real.
Few years ago I was passing by a couple of girls and one of them looked at my faux fur shrug and told me "how disgusting, you're heartless!". When I bought that shrug I thought it looked plain false and I didn't expect that someone could take it for real.
I found quite ironic that a person like me, whose childhood's dream was to become vegetarian, could pass for a sort of Cruella De Vil.

Nowadays it's clear that we can be perfectly stylish wearing a faux fur. 
I think that maybe wearing a synthetic fur was once considered a sign of poverty, like you were wearing an imitation because you couldn't afford a real one. But now many fashion houses, like LanvinCarven and Nina Ricci (just to mention few names) make beautiful cruelty-free coats, so wearing a real one means sending a message.
People who approve real furs defend their choice in many ways. I won't write about very unpleasant things but stick to fashion, instead.
Let me say that if you think that faux furs are cold (which can be true) you can remedy by lining them with a wool fabric.
Those who say that men have always protected themselves from cold and bad weather using furs and leathers maybe didn't study that men used to live in caves, eat raw food and maybe pursue women by hitting them with a club. Aren't the times a bit different? Do women who wear furs prefer a hit on the head instead of flowers and jewels?

While celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Moss (oh, Kate, why?) and Lady Gaga (who once told to Ellen Degeneres during The Ellen Degeneres Show "I hate fur and I don't wear fur",  maybe only to please the host) like real furs, others like Eva Mendes, Jessica Chastain and Jared Leto, really despise them.
Alexa Chung prefers faux furs and Scott Schuman, from The Sartorialist, few months ago wrote on his blog "I stay away from wearing anything that I consciously feel may offend (that includes fur)", which I find really tactful.

Alexa Chung has been photographed more than once wearing "Joseph" coat and carrying "Daisy" clutch, both by Shrimps (the brand is called this way because shrimps was the childhood nickname of founder Hannah Weiland). She's been also pictured wearing a color block fur while taking a stroll in New York. While some consider it real, I think it's faux, but I couldn't identify it.

At the CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. The dress is by Stella McCartney.

Taking a stroll in New York.

Anna Dello Russo, who often wears furs, once said that she can't conciliate the fact she loves both furs and animals. I hope one day she will side with animals and wear only faux furs. It would be a great message from someone so important in the fashion business.

Anna Dello Russo with her lovely dog Cucciolina.

CONSIDERAZIONI SULLA PELLICCIA e le Pellicce Sintetiche Più Belle per il Prossimo Inverno

Qualche settimana fa ho visto su Net-à-Porter la pelliccia "Wilma" di Shrimps, che mi piace davvero tanto.
Leggendo il prezzo, 715€, ho pensato per un attimo che fosse vera, ma poi leggendo i dettagli ho capito che è proprio finta, infatti Shrimps è un marchio inglese che produce solo vestiti e accessori in pelliccia sintetica. Evviva!

Quando si parla di pelliccia, sappiamo che si tratta di un argomento controverso.
Sono sempre stata contraria a quella vera dal momento in cui ho scoperto che implica l'uccisione degli animali.
Da bambina credevo che le pellicce fossero come i maglioni (lo so, ci sono persone che pensano che anche i maglioni non siano per niente cruelty-free), che durante l'estate gli animali sentissero caldo e qualcuno tagliasse loro il pelo, così soffice che... perché non utilizzarlo per farne bei cappotti soffici? Che mondo meraviglioso!
Ricordo che la mia zia preferita indossava le pellicce e ne aveva una che mi piaceva particolarmente, di visone bianco (mi sento in colpa solo a scriverlo).
Scoprire la verità (non ricordo come) è stato uno shock. Che mondo crudele! Non ho mai più accarezzato quel cappotto bianco.
Da allora, l'unica pelliccia vera a cui non sapevo resistere era quella del mio cocker spaniel, anche se non amava molto essere strapazzato!

Anche se sono totalmente contraria alle pellicce vere, mentirei se scrivessi che le trovo brutte. Alcune (e ci tengo a sottolineare alcune) sono davvero belle ma sono come i diamanti insanguinati. Come si può desiderare qualcosa di così bello sapendo che deriva da così tanta sofferenza?

Ogni volta che compro un capo o un accessorio di pelliccia finta mi chiedo se sembra vero.
Qualche anno fa stavo passando davanti a due ragazze e una di loro ha guardato il mio coprispalle di pelliccia sintetica e mi ha detto "che schifo, sei senza cuore". Quando l'avevo comprato credevo fosse visibilmente finto, non avrei mai pensato che qualcuno l'avrebbe considerato vero.
Ho trovato piuttosto ironico che una persona come me, che da bambina sognava di diventare vegetariana (sogno realizzato un po' di anni più tardi), potesse passare per una specie di Crudelia De Mon.

Oggi sappiamo bene che possiamo essere perfettamente alla moda indossando una pelliccia finta.
Penso che indossarne una sintetica una volta fosse visto come un segno di povertà, come se averla ecologica significasse non potersene permetterne una vera.
Molte case di moda, come Carven, Lanvin e Nina Ricci (solo per fare qualche nome) hanno fatto pellicce finte davvero belle, quindi indossarne una vera per me significa mandare un messaggio.
Le persone che difendono la pelliccia vera lo fanno in molti modi, ma non voglio parlare di cose davvero sgradevoli. Preferisco rimanere attinente alla moda.
È vero che alcune pellicce finte non tengono molto caldo, ma a questo si può rimediare facendole foderare con un tessuto in lana. Il marchio italiano Olivia Green realizza delle pellicce addirittura usando il cashmere.
Quelli che dicono che originariamente gli uomini si riparavano da freddo e intemperie con pellicce e pelli forse non hanno studiato che quegli uomini vivevano nelle caverne, mangiavano cibo crudo e pare corteggiassero le donne picchiandole con la clava. I tempi non sono cambiati? Le donne che amano le pellicce preferirebbero forse una botta in testa a fiori e gioielli come segno d'amore?

Mentre celebrities come Rihanna, Kate Moss (oh, perchè Kate?) e Lady Gaga (che una volta durante The Elle Degeneres Show ha dichiarato alla conduttrice, forse solo per compiacerla, "Odio la pelliccia e non indosso la pelliccia") amano la pelliccia vera, altre, come Eva Mendes, Jessica Chastain e Jared Leto non la indosserebbero mai.
Alexa Chung preferisce la pelliccia sintetica e Scott Schuman (di The Sartorialist) qualche mese fa ha scritto sul suo blog "Evito di indossare qualsiasi cosa che ritengo possa essere offensiva (compresa la pelliccia)", una posizione che trovo piena di tatto.

Alexa Chung è stata fotografata più di una volta con il cappotto di pelliccia Joseph e la clutch Daisy di Shrimps (il nome di questo brand, che in italiano significa gamberetti, viene dal soprannome della sua fondatrice, Hannah Weiland). Qualche giorno fa è stata fotografata in giro per New York con indosso una pelliccia a blocchi di colore che non sono riuscita a identificare.